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Geelong Women’s Business Club want to help you find your ideal customer by networking in our community of 3000+ like-minded women. 

GWBC will help you build meaningful connections that will help you create new sales. HOW?? By highlighting your business and all its amazing attributes this will give you the chance to collaborate with others businesses organically to build connections, find new customers or even have other businesses provide you insights on things you might be struggling with. 

What GWBC need from you:
• Fill out the service provided and tell us all the attributes your business has to offer.
•Provide us with three eye-catching photos to share on a feed and stories.
• Let our community know just what you need to take your business to the next level! 

What you will receive:

- One carousel post per month

- One story post per month


1 Month Business Highlight


This Service is Non-Refundable

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