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My story


A Social Media Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Content Creator, Mindset Coach, Speaker, Business Owner, and also mum of two beautiful young boys.


She is all for humanity and charity. She loves helping people and spreading awareness about things that are aligned with her purpose and passion. She has worked with different charities as a way of giving back.


As a Business Owner, she has developed a successful fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand that inspires.  - ByMERRIN collections


As a Life Coach, she provides a friendly, professional service to help clients find their personal style, inner peace, motivation, and renewed positive outlook in life.


She is also a public speaker and runs numerous events to inspire and empower people to be the best versions of themselves. She even founded her own group GWBC, which comprises events for women to feel empowered and inspired.


She also loves creating content for brands that are aligned with her passion and cause. Her platform is about Health & Wellness, Mindfulness, Beauty & Fashion. She is all about spreading awareness, inspiring and empowering people. She has worked with amazing top global brands such as Mercedes Benz, Mecca, Priceline, Goli, Mindology app, YSL, just to name a few. 


As productive as she can be, she is offering different services as a Public Speaker, any Social Media Collaboration, and Life/Business Coach.


Feel free to visit @merrinschnabel Instagram page and reach out for more information.

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