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Looking for an Event Speaker?

Make your event, summit, or special gathering a memorable one by having me as an Event Speaker.

Female Lecturer

I'm Merrin Schnabel, I am a Mindset Coach, a Content Creator, a Social Media Influencer / Brand Ambassador,  a Motivational Speaker, a Business Owner and most of all a mum of two beautiful boys. As a public speaker, I ran numerous events to inspire and empower people to be the best versions of themselves.

As a Motivational Speaker, I love transforming people's minds and getting into the right mindset. I am all about positive thinking and implementing an abundant, happy mindset.

I am available for summits / events / podcast or media (radio or television), etc.

I can discuss everything about Social Media, as a Social Media Influencer, I have a lot to share. I can help get your brand out there. I have strategies to help you execute your business and social media.

As a Life Coach, I can provide guidance in life, manifesting self-love, abundance, healing and help find one's passion and purpose in life.

I also speak at events to share my story as an inspiration and to empower people.

I am also a Fashion designer with my very own label ByMerrin. As a Business Owner, I can discuss and speak about business, establish and strategize your own Social Media presence. I can provide very helpful insights on how to get your brand out there and how to make it successful.

I also love helping humanity, which is why I am very proactive in supporting charities and events helping people in need. I can make a stand and share with you my advocacies and the importance of these events.

I host and run my very own group, GWBC which consists of like-minded businesswomen across Australia. We have a monthly event that has been very successful and as the founder of the club, I host the event and have been doing this for quite some time now.

Don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss how to make your event a successful one!

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