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Why Gender Equality and Empowerment Matter?

It is such a sad reality that inequalities based on gender and other stereotypes continue to persist across the globe.

Studies show that many countries have low female labor force participation rates, with few opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship. This is partly because of cultural norms such as resistance to change and reluctance to consider women's needs in public policy. Women also lack access to both education and healthcare because it is not considered a priority. A research group found that across all socio-economic groups there is a gender gap in school enrollment. Girls from low-income families are only half as likely to pursue their studies.

“The test of your capabilities should not be based on your gender and other stereotypes. Talent can be found in all places, and women aren’t the exception.” - Merrin Schnabel

Why Promote Gender Equality and Women Empowerment?

Gender equality and equal opportunity are fundamental human rights. Men and women should be treated equally and given the same opportunities in life to reach their full potential and achieve success.

The issues of gender equality and women empowerment have been discussed for many years. Women empowerment means the process by which a woman gains the power to exert control over her life and decisions. The society has made certain changes in order to ensure that women have more opportunities and benefits than they used to have. Equality is a complicated issue, because there are different aspects of it, such as legal equality, economic equality and social equality. The good thing is that many non-profit organizations are raising awareness on this subject and have been working towards this goal of achieving gender equality. They work with various international organizations so as to push for gender equality on a global level. In addition, they also work on the local level - in communities all across the country - by educating girls about their rights and supporting them in their endeavors towards gender equity.

Why Gender Equality and Empowerment Matter?

By promoting gender quality and women empowerment, we are building confidence and self-worth of women around the world. It also raises awareness on protection of their legal rights. Moreover, we are also promoting economic growth by opening opportunities for women to be part of the labor force or be an entrepreneur.

In totality, Gender Equality breeds productivity, social involvement and economic progress. When combined with women empowerment it becomes a powerful voice that shapes the nation.

“Women have the power and influence that can make nations stronger and prosperous.” - Merrin Schnabel

With an aim of promoting equality and empowering women, I have established GWBC. A powerful platform where women can do networking and be inspired with speeches from well-renowned successful entrepreneurs. I always believe that it starts with the right mindset and attitude.

If you’re someone who wants to start your business but don’t know where to start. This is a perfect opportunity for you to join our group and be empowered in the different aspects of your life and business. Feel free to check out our website and send us your inquiry if you have any.

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